The Children’s Equipping Camp was incredible. For our first HOP-Hb conference ever, things went incredibly smooth and everyone on staff gave 200 percent without complaining.

Kids, ages 6-12, came in with locked hearts and a “do something to make me excited” attitude. However, by the end of the camp, they were mourning in love for Jesus, praying for the sick, and stirring each other up with zeal for the things of God. No kidding, they were literally crying out in tears and praising God with leaps of joy. The reality is, they can have God right now at their age, not settling for anything less, and they did. God met them.

Of course, we had great meals, personal devotionals, and the daily, ever-rewarding “swim time” for baths, but towards the end of the conference, even little 6 year old Josiah David said with a big smile, “Jesus is better than candy.” And trust me, Josiah had a Wal-Mart bag filled with fun dip and bubble gum.

My heart burned for deeper communion with God as I ran beside these children for just 4 days. After being pulled apart in exhaustion by hugs and high fives, I wish it wasn’t over. I am going to miss these young radicals.